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Farm Insurance in Bloomer and Ladysmith, WI

Diversified Coverage to fit your Needs.

Whether you’re a local grower or a large cultivator and whether you grow crops, raise animals, or run a hobby farm, success is about more than the day to day of operations.  It’s about protecting your farm or ranch from unforeseen events.  At Apex, we know that doing more work than you do already is not something you want.  This is why we create farm insurance policies that protect your business completely and give you the confidence that no matter how your business changes or your needs change, your insurance policy will change accordingly.


You won’t have to work hard to get the protection you need; we’ll ensure that.  We’ll work with you to set the right policy in motion and will do the legwork to make sure your policy stays up to date.  This way, you can focus on maintaining smooth operations. 


Our agents are farmers themselves, so they know the ins and outs of your farming operations.  They can work on your behalf better than anyone else.  


Policies that reflect your Livelihood and Day-to-Day


We know that you work hard and we want to honor what you do by providing comprehensive insurance plans that meet your exact needs.  Our specialists are committed to being sensitive to your needs and to meeting your goals.  We align your goals, needs, and budget with proper coverage to ensure that your business is protected now and in the future. 


At Apex Insurance we have an extensive list of coverage options, including:


• Crop Insurance
• Farm Owners Insurance
• Farm Livestock Insurance
• Equine Insurance
• Farm Equipment Insurance
• Farm Dwelling Insurance
• Farm Structures Insurance
• Farm Auto Insurance
• Farm Umbrella Insurance
• Farm Liability Insurance


If you have trouble selecting the right options for your plan, we can help.  Aside from being farmers themselves, our agents are trained to help you match every element of your operations with affordable coverages.  Our agents are also ongoing resources – they provide information and advice throughout the life of your policy.  


Why Apex Insurance?


We were ranked #1 in Wisconsin for farm insurance and #40 nationwide for volume of farm insurance policies written by Farmers Mutual Hail (FMH).  We’re proud of this distinction and believe it reflects the efforts we make to protect farmers in our area and to provide excellent customer service. 


We believe in protecting you from unexpected problems and in being there for you when problems arise.  This is our commitment to our clients and is a reflection of our overarching commitment to first-rate products and services.  


Contact an agent at Apex Insurance today or request a quote.  Find out how we can help secure your farm or ranch and protect your interests. 

We provide farm insurance in Bloomer, Ladysmith, Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, New Auburn, and Colfax.

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Apex Insurance Group - Bloomer

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Apex Insurance Group - Dickinsen Insurance

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Apex Insurance Group - Eau Claire

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Apex Insurance Group - Flambeau Valley

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I talked to you this morning about getting my kids ins thru you versus my current balanced plan policy. I appreciate your honesty telling me I have a good deal currently. You put honesty over making a buck. You're a class act. If I stay in the area, I'll be a lifelong customer. Thank you.
Scott H.
I am writing this to you as a very happy and satisfied customer due to the works of Jeremy Werner. He insured my vehicle (2010 Camaro) and has always been on top of his game. He makes promises he always keeps. If he says he will call at a specific time, he always does. He shows so much concern and never once has he had a bad attitude towards me. A violation of mine was to fall of today, we had spoken about it about 3 weeks ago and he said he will see what he could do to reduce my rates. I had totally forgotten about it, at 8am this morning while at work, I received an email from him telling me he had gotten in contact with progressive and my rates have been reduced. I personally do not know him but I know he deserves some sort of recognition for his good work. working with him has been very satisfying. I hope it is okay if I do refer people to him because I am sure they will be as satisfied as I am.
Francis O.
Accommodating, professional, helpful, and quick. Very comfortable experience and I was impressed by their capabilities. Highly recommended.
Brad M.